Oct. 20, 2016

mario enke – handled vase | c. 1985


i fell in love at the first sight in this brilliant piece of mario enke. the appearance of this perfect amphora-shaped vase is quite simply and timeless. the unexpected quality of the glaze is very unusually for gdr circumstances. i can not resume the correct order of glazing and etching. but the result is breathtaking – velvet surface versus partly shiny, hare’s fur glaze versus slight craquelé reduction glaze – multifaceted in every respect. [stonware, multiple glaze, etched, h. 32cm]

Oct. 12, 2016

günter kerzig – ‹ba-du-san› duck | gerana-kosmetik | 1965


this duck shaped package for bubble bath was very popular with kids. günter kerzig has designed the whole ‹ba-du-san› product line of gerana-kosmetik. [polyethylene, l. 15cm]

Aug. 30, 2016

anton van eyk – milk jug | c. 1945


anton and dorothea van eyk have found the van-eyk-werkstätten elstra in 1940. first activities were sculptures and art. the production of tableware starts in 1945. dorothea van eyk was in charge of the decoration. he and his wife left elstra under political threat in 1948. the production was continued until 1953. [decorated stoneware, h. 16cm]

Jul. 31, 2016

volkhard precht – vase | c. 1975


a vase by volkhard precht made from blue bubble glass. this type of glass was developed by napoleone martinuzzi in the 1920s for venini and called pulegoso. many muranese manufacturers followed and later in the 1930s other european manufacturers too. in the 1970s volkhard precht resumed this type of glassmaking for his own work. it underlines the archaic appearance of this square vase in a special way. [hot glass, h. 22cm]

Jul. 17, 2016

Jul. 09, 2016

horst michel – vase | rhönwerkstätten stadtlengsfeld [attrib.] | c. 1950


horst michel has designed this footed vase with a perfect parabola shaped bowl. this very early piece was shown at the first exhibition of the institut for interior design weimar in 1951. [cut mold-blown glass, h. 20,5cm]

Jun. 17, 2016

gerhard dölz – vase | c. 1965


[thrown stoneware, mounted textured decoration, slipped and glazed, h. 24,5cm]

p. s. the annual market for historic ceramics takes place in the former freigang/gebauer work shop during the opening time of the 42th potter market in bürgel at the upcoming weekend (17.-19. jun. 2016).

May. 29, 2016

p. bittner/f. keuchel/t. poitz – ‹superfest› set of glasses | wtw bad muskau | 1980/82


the collective of paul bittner, fritz keuchel and tilo poitz has developed this product line of stackable glassware for gastronomy use. beaker for beer and cognac were designed first. all the other shapes followed until 1982. the ‹superfest›-glassware is still quite common in some east-german restaurants. [chemically strengthened glass (cv-glas), h. 7,5-16,5cm]

May. 04, 2016

Apr. 16, 2016

margot steindorf – slop-bowl with foot | c. 1978


in the 1970s some young artists broke with the traditional crafting of pottery. they looked for a more free and loosened way of working with the material clay. for example margot steindorf has used it like origami paper. [hand-modelled clay, multiple glazes, h. 11cm]